With a shifting of the seasons it is important to consider what needs to change with diet and supplementation.  Here in the Midwest we are not getting the same amount of sunlight, we get less fresh air, fruits and vegetables have to come from sources further away and even the air we breathe has less...
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Do you find that it is nearly impossible to get enough fruits and vegetables in your kids’ diet?  Or maybe yesterday your child loved broccoli and today they hate it? It can be hard to keep up. Fruits and vegetables are a huge source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber to name a few...
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Being a child is a critical time in life, the foundations for a healthy adult are being set up.  This is the time when bones are growing and hardening, the brain is developing, and hormones are raging.  With all of this going on in a small body you can imagine that a lot of vitamins...
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