During pregnancy moms are very focused on diet, but diet post pregnancy for a nursing mom is just as important. Everything that goes into your mouth also goes into your breast milk and to baby. Many babies are sensitive to stronger or harder to digest foods, just as you may be. Often times dairy and gluten can cause digestive distress, eczema or other obscure issues.  

When you first notice that something has changed or is not resolving try an elimination diet approach, the most common food offenders are: milk, gluten, eggs, nuts, caffeine and chocolate.  Also, as a nursing mom, there are some dietary items that you should avoid to help keep milk production stable, such as peppermint, parsley and sage.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful gift we give to our children, taking care of your diet during this phase will ensure they reap all the benefits as well.  Happy baby = happy momma!

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