Did you know our Central Nervous System tells our body HOW to do absolutely EVERYTHING?! 

Dr. Bruce Lipton said it best– “The function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells.”

So what if the message was getting jumbled along the way? 

Our brain would not be able to perceive our environment correctly and therefore not be able to coordinate the behaviors of all other cells.

Neurological disorders are a result of the dysfunction or misinterpretation of the body’s environment by the brain (Think ADD, ADHD, ODD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, etc). The beginning of the sensory input to the brain starts with the transfer of information up from the body through the spinal cord. If there is tension or torsion within the nervous system, the brain will get an abnormal signal resulting in symptoms. This is where chiropractic comes into play. 

Pediatric Chiropractors are trained in finding the tension or torsion within the system and unwinding or releasing that tension so the brain gets proper movement signals and INPUT–allowing proper coordination and perception of the brain. Common treatments for neurological disorders are to change the OUTPUT of behaviors or symptoms. However, pediatric chiropractors find the CAUSE of these disorders and start there. 

You’re probably wondering how does this tension or torsion happen within the spinal cord resulting in these disorders? Dr. Tony Ebel– a world renowned Pediatric Chiropractor in Crystal Lake Illinois and our mentor created the term “The Perfect Storm.” He saw big commonalities within case histories with patients who come in the office. It boils down to stress EARLY and OFTEN in life. Stress prior to conception,  during pregnancy, a stressful birth (c-section, long labor, vacuum extraction or some kind of assistance at birth). Neonatal intensive care unit stays, illness early in life, colic. Any combination of these scenarios or any other stressful events send us down the cascade to Central Nervous System based disorders.


Are you or your family members affected by “The Perfect Storm” or just have questions? We are here to help. If you’re not local to the Hudson, WI area we can help find you someone who is close to you. Just reach out. 


Live Connected, 

Dr. Lauren 

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