Have you read the book “The Secret”? It was released back in the year 2006 and was all the rage in self-help.  Turns out this book was on to something, and the idea of the law of attraction has felt results all around the world. The mind is a powerful thing, and in the entire world, it’s the only thing that we can really, truly control! That’s some real food for thought.

Many people wonder, how do I create a different future for myself, or bring the things I want into my life? A few of my favorite sayings are, “ask and you shall receive”, and “what comes out of your mouth, comes into your life”. Both powerful, and one ancient. The power of the law of attraction has been around since the beginning of time, and the most brilliant and successful people in the history of the world have understood this. So why shouldn’t we?

Now, I’m not saying that we need to all go out and patent the next life changing invention or increase our personal wealth, but perhaps there are some more humble goals that you have for your life, either way, the same method works. Dare to dream big!

Our words matter so much, but so does our focus. The things we say out loud tend to manifest and the things we focus our attention on daily tend to materialize in our lives, that can be both a gift and a weapon to be used wisely.

Simply changing words like “I want” to “I already have” can have a serious impact, saying the words plus feeling gratitude can make the impact increase tenfold. Words matter! Take negative words out of your daily dialog and exchange them with a positive spin and watch things start to change.

Another way to bring the things you want into your life, is by creating a vision board. Having the things you want or the goals you have visually in front of you can change your entire world! Couple that with saying you’re grateful for those things with the idea in your mind that you already have them or have done them is the proverbial silver bullet!

We will be hosting a Vision Board event on January 26th at Camp St. Croix here in Hudson. We will provide all the materials you need to plan your goals and dreams for 2019! RSVP using the link below. The mind is a beautiful thing!


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