Reason 1️⃣: Self care! Many of us, especially parents, put our health to the back burner throughout the year and the holiday season is no different!
Reason 2️⃣: Better function for your body! Chiropractic care is ALL about proper function of your nervous system. The nervous system is the master controller of every cell, organ and tissue in your body. If there is stress in the nervous system, there will be decreased function like digesting food, the winter sniffles, or headaches just to name a few. With how busy the holidays are, no one has time for decreased function or symptoms!
Reason 3️⃣: Adaptability! We are no different than a chameleon who needs to change colors to stay safe in their environment to avoid getting eaten. Okay, maybe we are a little different. But we still need to be able to adapt to different environments like cold weather, work, home life, and driving in that treacherous winter weather (stressful, right?). Our body needs to be able to handle ALL the different stressors thrown at it.
Reason 4️⃣: Stress! Oh man, has it been a year. With everything going on in the world, we are seeing more people under the most stress they’ve ever had. It’s taking a toll on their health. When the body is put into overdrive it can only handle that state for so long until we run out of gas and then we go into shut down mode. Straight exhaustion and fatigue. Start your new year out right with healing your body and leaving this year in the past.
Reason 5️⃣: SLEEP! I don’t know about you, but if your kiddos aren’t sleeping very well… When is Santa going to come and drop off presents without them seeing? Specific and frequent adjustments allow the body to tap into its rest and healing side of the body allowing for better sleep, relaxation and healing.

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