Dr. Taylor Bowker
Hi Everyone!  We are officially on the other side of the New Year & in 2022! A new year brings a new mindset and opportunity for growth and change! We wanted to send out an email to you to extend one of the biggest savings opportunities for your family and friends of the year! “The...
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5 REASONS TO GET CHIROPRACTIC CARE DURING THE HOLIDAYS Reason : Self care! Many of us, especially parents, put our health to the back burner throughout the year and the holiday season is no different! Reason : Better function for your body! Chiropractic care is ALL about proper function of your nervous system. The nervous...
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Exciting News! We will now have all 3 of our doctors adjusting! New hours for each doc are listed below! Dr. Jen Monday 7-11 AM & 2-6 PM Wednesday 7-10:30 AM & 2-6 PM Thursday 2-6 PM Dr. Lauren Monday 7-10 AM & 2-6 PM Tuesday 9-11 AM & 2-6 PM Wednesday 7-10:30 AM Thursday...
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Croixview Family Chiropractic is a place for people of all ages ranging from infants to seniors. You will find a healing and welcoming environment, where optimal health will be experienced.