Let’s talk about Subluxation. Sublux-what? You will hear us at Croixview Family Chiropractic talk about subluxation in regards to health and well being. Let’s break it down. 

Literally translated from Greek “sub” meaning less, “lux” is light, ”-tion”means having a condition. When you put that together, a subluxation is a “condition of less light.” Light can be thought of as our life potential or our health potential. If there is less of it, there is less of an opportunity to heal, grow and meet our full healing ability. In chiropractic, our philosophy is that we heal from above-down, inside-out. Meaning our body has the power to heal itself starting ABOVE with our brain, it travels DOWN our spinal cord through the INSIDE of our body and OUT to our organs, glands, muscles, limbs, tissues, skin, etc. 

When we are subluxated, we are functioning at a lower life potential or with less light. At its core, a subluxation is an area of the nervous system that is having miscommunication with the rest of the body. The vertebral bones that house the central nervous system in that area get stuck in place as a reaction to stress. First, causing decreased function and when these become more frequent and even chronic– they can cause pain. When these subluxations add up, our body gets stuck in stress-mode and our “fight-or-flight” nervous system cannot seem to stop. We say the gas pedal of your engine gets STUCK ON. It’s like you’re running away from a tiger but ALL THE TIME. 

We are trained here at Croixview Family Chiropractic to find those areas of stress using our nervous system scan technology, INSiGHT™ by CLA. This technology gives us a way to get a window into what is really going on with the stress patterns in your nervous system so we can better help your body to heal itself. The goal with the adjustments is to get the brain communicating back with the body and to allow your body to start to slow down that gas pedal and change those stress patterns your body has been holding for a long time. With that, your body will begin to heal from above-down, inside- out.

It is our mission and passion to help the people of Hudson, WI and surrounding areas to live their life to the fullest potential through chiropractic care. Stay tuned for later blogs that will dive deeper into what causes your body to get subluxations. 


Live Connected, 


Dr. Lauren

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