We have had A TON of mommas give birth in these past few months and we often get asked “when can I get adjusted after giving birth?” The answer really is as simple as “as soon as you’re comfortable!” We have gotten moms adjusted the same day they gave birth! You can even get adjusted DURING labor! There are different techniques to make it gentle on your body and if you cannot lay on your stomach, there are ways to modify that, too! 

Chiropractic care is ALL about the body functioning at its best. We want your system to be able to handle and adapt to the big change it just went through and chiropractic care helps with adaptation and the body being able to heal itself! There are SO many benefits to getting adjusted soon after birth. I want to take this time to discuss a few!

One benefit is proper alignment!  We want to make sure that your hips, and spine are in proper alignment after birth to restore the proper biomechanics as your ligaments begin to tighten back up. This leads to less discomfort down the road, especially when you have to keep up with your littles! 

Let’s talk about breastmilk production!  There is anecdotal evidence describing situations where chiropractic adjustment helped increase a breastfeeding mom’s milk production! The adjustments reduced inflammation and compression of nerves in the rib cage that connect the nipple, areola and breast with the pituitary gland (where the milk producing hormone lives). We know most new Mommas will try anything and everything to make sure their supply is up and breast feeding goes smoothly! Why not start with a safe gentle option like chiropractic? 

 Many postpartum moms feel the effects of postpartum depression (PPD). In fact, 1 in 9 postpartum females are affected by PPD. Chiropractic care is shown to positively influence the brain and hormones. There have been studies showing that chiropractic adjustments help release and regulate the “feel good” hormones in the body. Regular adjustments can help your body to regulate the big shifts in hormones resulting in a decrease in PPD symptoms. 

Mom’s posture also changes A LOT with having a newborn. She sleeps in odd positions, holds baby A TON while doing about 100 other things, and of course mom stares down at their cute little face while she is holding them. This results in neck/shoulder tightness, and upper rib cage discomfort. NO FUN! We want to make sure we help unwind that posture so mom can keep caring for that sweet little baby comfortably! 

There are SO MANY benefits for postpartum moms! If there is someone you know in the Hudson, WI area that could benefit from chiropractic care send this link over to them! We’d love to get them started here at Croixview Family Chiropractic. 


Live Connected, 


Dr. Lauren Lebzelter 

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