One of the most common questions we get asked by pregnant moms is “How old does my baby have to be to get adjusted?” We would love to see them as soon as possible, chiropractic is safe for babies right after birth! (Mom getting adjusted during pregnancy has positive impacts on baby’s nervous system, too. Go check out our pregnancy blog for more information on getting adjusted while pregnant!


We love to see babies right after birth because birth is physically stressful on babies necks, cranium, and spine! No matter if the birth was c-section, vaginal, homebirth, waterbirth, or various birthing positions, all birth places tension on your baby’s neuro-spinal system. When there is tension, or torsion placed on the baby’s spine during delivery (or even in the womb) that DIRECTLY impacts the nervous system. Labor stress is considered a physical stress, but it is not the only cause of tension on the nervous system. There are chemical and emotional stressors, too. Go check out our blogs on the 3 different types of stress to dive deeper into that conversation! 


Chiropractic care is important early in life because research shows chiropractic care changes how information is processed by the brain. A baby’s brain grows and develops from birth to age three faster than any other time in their life. It begins development and learning from the spinal cord (body) up into the brain stem and then eventually to the front of the brain. So, if there is abnormal signal coming from the spinal cord by having tension within the neuro-spinal system, we can see a change in how the brain processes information. When we have frequent early stressors (chemical, emotional, physical) that changes how the brain grows and develops. Allowing the body to adapt to these stressors through chiropractic care, we can see a positive change in the nervous system and how growth and development happens. By getting your newborn checked soon after birth and  getting consistent care throughout their lifetime, the brain and body can communicate clearly and develop optimally! 


With the brain communicating optimally with the body,we see less physical symptoms with babies too! Babies getting regularly adjusted sleep better, breastfeed better, and have less colic, reflux and constipation! Getting your newborn (or even your toddler) adjusted has SO many benefits! 


Parents of newborns often ask, what does the adjustment look like? We perform the newborn adjustment by holding pressure or light tapping with the amount of force you would use to check the ripeness of an avocado or tomato!  It’s SUPER safe and gentle. Babies bodies respond really well to the adjustment! Sometimes, they fall asleep right after because they’re so relaxed! 


If you have a newborn or know anyone who does in the Hudson, WI area, we are here to help at Croixview Family Chiropractic. Just reach out!


Live Connected, 

Dr. Lauren 

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