baby bumps
We’ve all heard the term, “eating for two”, as applied to pregnancy nutrition, but is this accurate?  Are we really supposed to be eating for two? The idea of doubling our nutrition needs during pregnancy may have been slightly misconstrued. It’s true when a woman becomes pregnant that the need for nutrition increases, but this...
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For many women they seek out chiropractic care during the pregnancy because they have pain.  In fact, many women are under the assumption that they should be in some type of discomfort due to pregnancy.  As chiropractors we are happy to help women to feel their best during the pregnancy, which can include making them...
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Welcome to February! This month in the office, we are focusing on all things pregnancy. Both Dr. Jen and Dr. Megan specialize in techniques especially for pregnant women and babies, and we love to treat mamas-to-be in the office! There are so many benefits to having regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy, one of them being...
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