There are TONS of benefits to being under consistent care throughout pregnancy. However, today I want to dive into the conversation of how it can specifically help when your body is getting ready for birth! 


The text book Williams Obstetrics is used by OBGYN, Midwives, and birth providers around the world. In the book, the three “P’s” of birth are talked about that lead to a smoother birth for mom and baby. Those components are power, passage, and passenger. Each portion of these components need to go smoothly to have a successful birth. Chiropractic care fits perfectly within the three “P’s” in aiding the body’s natural ability during the birthing process! 


Let’s start with “power.” The master power system of the body is the nervous system. It is crucial for the brain and body to be connected without interference for the body to function optimally. Chiropractic care is designed to eliminate the interference (called subluxation) and allow for optimal connection between brain and body. This leads to a normal, physiological birthing process! 


The second “P” is “passage!” In order for a baby to move through the birth canal, mom’s pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments must be balanced. Dr. Don MacDonald, a chiropractor has a great analogy to understand this! He says, an unbalanced pelvis, is like when someone is lying on the sheets next to you while you’re underneath them. It makes it hard to move and turn over as you need to. That’s what it’s like in an unbalanced pelvis for a baby, making it more difficult to descend down through the birth passage! Chiropractic care helps bring balance and ease to the pelvis! 


The Final “P” is “passenger” also known as baby! A lot of people don’t realize it, but baby has his/her own role through birth, it’s not just mom doing all the work. For this final “P” the balance of power and passage are vitally important, too. This is all about the baby’s ability to descend through the birth canal. There is a power component with not only the nervous system of not only mom, but baby too. The power needs to be turned on between mom & baby for the proper physiological process to happen. When mom’s body is balanced, that takes the stress off of the baby & allows him/her to move through the passage with more ease. 


The balance of “power, passage, and passenger” is vitally important for the smooth birth process. It’s like a three legged stool, if you’re missing one component the stool will not stand. Chiropractic care through the duration of pregnancy, especially close to the time of delivery plays a huge role in decreased stress during labor for both mom and baby. If you’re reading this article and are in the Hudson, WI area and are wanting more information, reach out to us at Croixview Family Chiropractic. We’d love to help. 


Live Connected,

  Lauren Lebzelter, DC. 

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