For many women they seek out chiropractic care during the pregnancy because they have pain.  In fact, many women are under the assumption that they should be in some type of discomfort due to pregnancy.  As a chiropractic office, we are happy to help women to feel their best during the pregnancy, which can include making them more comfortable but there are other reasons why it is beneficial.  Here are just a few reasons why even if you are not in pain during your pregnancy it is good to have your spine checked during pregnancy.

  1.       Your spine changes shape during pregnancy.  The spine has natural curves which are important to help offset the pressure of gravity.  These curves throughout your back increase as baby grows. Your rib cage will expand, and your pelvis must open.  These changes are normal and will occur naturally if the spine is moving easily and not fixated. During an initial exam, chiropractors will determine if the spine if moving properly or if it is misaligned which is called a subluxation.  We adjust these subluxations or misaligned areas of the spine using gentle and safe techniques.
  2.       Baby’s position is affected by posture.  Most people think of posture as just how they stand but it is so much more than that.  How you sit, stand and walk are all part of posture. Often subluxations, or spinal misalignments are a result of repetitively having poor posture.  This can start as a compensation pattern, when the body is uncomfortable in a neutral position it will adopt a less suitable (but less painful) way of moving.  If the bones of the pelvis get fixated in a poor position the pelvis will not open properly making it more difficult for baby to move down into the birth canal and can make labor more difficult.
  3.       Maintaining activity and movement during pregnancy is crucial.  Exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial for so many reasons from building healthy muscle tone, preventing gestational diabetes, decreasing aches and pains and keeping the pelvis open for birth.  Pain in your body can prevent you from wanting to exercise so by getting your body in alignment can get you back into a healthy exercise routine. Walking, swimming, and prenatal yoga are all amazing examples of exercises to try during pregnancy.
  4.       Chiropractic care can help decrease labor times.  Many women, especially before their first births will be concerned about long labor times.  There are several reasons why chiropractic can help. The first is that if the bones of the pelvis are in alignment the birth canal will have the potential for being the most open.  The second is that relaxation is a critical part of labor and delivery. If you go into labor already in pain it will be difficult to relax and breathe into contractions. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can hep with both of these things.

In summary, if you are pregnant it is a great idea to get your spinal alignment checked so that you pelvis is moving properly and your nervous system is functioning at it’s maximum.  Dr. Jen is certified in Webster technique which is a gentle pelvis leveling technique which can be an effective way to deal with babies in the breech position and she is well trained in both pre and post-natal care.  We are passionate about healthy pregnancy and birth and it is our honor to work with women at this exciting stage in their lives!

If you are looking for more information, come to our Baby Bumps event tonight! Join us at Lolo American Kitchen, here in Hudson, at 6 pm in the basement. Grab a bite, bring your significant other (or a friend!) and learn about how to have the birth you desire. We’ll provide resources to help you, and talk about the different options you have for birth. Please call 715-381-9965 to RSVP!

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