Essential Oils have become a hot topic to be used in many capacities from cleaning products, air fresheners, treatment for a variety of conditions, cooking and so much more.  With that said there are many categories of oils and understanding how to use them is important for safety and effectiveness. Most oils are very potent and knowing how to dilute them properly and when to use a carrier oil can be helpful.  What is even better news is that many oils can be used with infants and kids. Refer to the above chart to see how best to dilute these oils so they can be used safely with kids. Always read the back of the labels to see how the oils should be used and if the oil should be consumed, diluted, used on the skin etc.  It is also really important to make sure you’re using a high quality, therapeutic grade essential oil. Essential oils are absorbed into our bodies either topically or internally, so you want to make sure you are using a pure oil for the greatest benefits. 

Which oils are you using with your family this summer? If you have any oils you swear by, or any other tips and tricks please comment below!

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