In honor of Father’s Day in June we are covering an important topic in the world of Men’s health…the prostate!  While this might not be the most glamorous of topics it needs to be discussed. The prostate is a small gland, about the size of a golf ball that is situated between the bladder and the rectum.  It has a primary role in sexual function.

Though always important, prostate health becomes more of a concern after the age of 50.  It is recommended that men start getting an examination and a blood test to check PSA at that time.  But why wait until 50? Some good tips for having a healthy and fully function prostate include:
1. Watch your diet.  Consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables which provide anti-inflammatory agents that help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  Eat healthy fats that provide energy. Decrease sugar and foods with additives which are linked to many diseases.
2. Stay hydrated.  This means drinking plenty of pure water.  Coffee and pop can be very dehydrating which is not helpful for the prostate gland. Green tea can be a great addition to your day because green tea is full of antioxidants that slow down cancer cells and promote cancer cell death.  
3. Exercise regularly.  This aids in promoting health in many areas and decreases inflammation which can cause benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis.  
4. Manage your stress.  Everyone deals with stress in a different way.  Find which way works for you whether that is a walk outside, lifting weights, playing golf or taking a nap.  
5. Follow a balanced lifestyle.  Some things that can lead to a dis-eased state are not getting enough sleep, eating poorly, smoking and consuming too much alcohol.

In addition to all the things listed above, taking a prostate supplement can be very helpful.  The supplement of the month for June here at Croixview Family Chiropractic is Prostate Supreme from Designs for Health.  The formula supports optimum prostate function by providing ingredients to promote hormonal balance, nutrition and antioxidants that aid the prostate in fulfilling its role in the body.  It is suggested that men over 45 take this supplement as directed by a health care practitioner.

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