We have been having some beautiful weather lately here in Wisconsin, and it feels so amazing to spend some time out in the sun! Of course we love the sunshine because it is the best source of Vitamin D, as well as naturally increasing our moods. Spending time outdoors is easy in the spring and summer months, especially when the sun is shining and the temperature is comfortably warm! Getting outside is also a great way to encourage kids to get off their devices. Kids often fall into a tech-filled routine with television, phones, tablets and computers, so encouraging them to get outside and play is crucial when they are home for the summer break. Let’s dive into some fun activities your family can try this summer!

  • Play ball! Break out the soccer ball, football, baseball, volleyball, kick ball… the possibilities are endless. Change up the rules or invent your own game!
  • Go camping. There are some beautiful campsites in Wisconsin and Minnesota, so get your friends and family together for a few nights in the wild! Want to stay close to home? Pitch a tent in the backyard and cozy up by the bonfire!
  • Play in the water! Whether you go to the local pool, have a sprinkler in the backyard, or fill up some water balloons, there are so many ways to cool off this summer!
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood! Try going down a street you haven’t been down before, find a new park to play at, or discover a hidden trail nearby! Keep the kids entertained by making the walk into a game. Look for different colored flowers, count the birds in the trees, play Eye-Spy…have fun!
  • Get creative! Painting can be messy, so why not do it outside? Find a pretty spot and paint a landscape, flowers or trees! Decorate a flower pot and plant something inside! Draw with sidewalk chalk and write positive messages for the people who pass by.

What do you and your family like to do outside in the summer? Comment below! Have a great day everyone!

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