Do you ever feel exhausted, run down, or just plain tired for no reason? We all tend to blame being tired on a lifestyle that is “too busy”. Which, could be quite right. But, if you feel tired all the time or are always asking yourself, “why am I so tired?”, don’t blow it off. There is a lot going on inside our bodies, which can help explain this constant exhaustion.

If your brain interprets a threat, even when there isn’t one, it must use energy from your physiology to stay alert and protect you. If you have begun to “lose the fight” with gravity, your brain and body must use all its energy to keep you upright. A system (like your body) cannot rest or restore that is constantly hypervigilant to protect us and keep us upright. So, even if you are getting enough sleep, what is going on internally is not allowing your body to actually rest and repair itself. Chiropractic facilitates a state of  “ease”, meaning that your body can run more efficiently and in turn provide you with more energy. 

Along with making regular chiropractic visits, there are 6 other things that can aid in regaining your energy. 

  1. Get more quality sleep
  2. Trim your social calendar 
  3. Eat more wholesome foods
  4. Drink more water
  5. Take your supplements/vitamins
  6. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol 

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