Self-care is a hot topic this day in age with everyone being so busy they don’t have time to take care of themselves.  This is especially true of the Moms, as we see every day in the office. Caring for themselves is no longer a priority as they must work, run a household, and keep their children healthy and thriving.  It’s no wonder at some point they come to the end of their rope. It’s common to think of things like bubble baths and massages when you hear the term self-care, and it can absolutely be those things. In fact, I encourage everyone to make a list of the things they enjoy and that help them relax.  But what I want to focus on in this post is what I call non-negotiable self-care. These are the things that should not be sacrificed because you are “busy”. These are the things that keep you healthy. You can not pour from an empty cup Moms. You must take care of yourself to be the best version of a mother you can be.  So, look at this list and determine if you are doing these things. If not, it might take a little rearranging in the schedule but make them a priority and notice how your life might change for the better. 

  1. Sleep.  It is recommended that adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night.  While different people need different amount of sleep 7 hours is the minimum necessary for your body to heal overnight.  Sleeping on a regular schedule helps all the organs in your body to function properly, decreases inflammation (the source of most chronic diseases), allow your brain to rest so you can focus during the day, and helps your hormones to stay balanced.  To have the best chance at a good night of sleep follow a schedule that is the same whether a week day or weekend, start to limit water later in the evening, and have rituals that allow you to wind down from your day and limit light exposure prior to going to bed. 
  2. Nourishing Food.  If we expect our body to function at a high level, have good energy and do the activities we want to do we have to fill it with good fuel.  That means eating a well-balanced diet that has sources high in vitamins, minerals and a balance between healthy fats, clean protein and digestible carbohydrates.  The subject of nutrition can be tricky because each person will respond to foods differently. By finding the sweet spot with your diet you will have stable blood sugar and weight, reduce inflammation (which comes along with sugars and processed foods), have improved mood and memory, energy for your entire day (without needing caffeine) and have improved sleep. 
  3. Exercise.  There are so many benefits to exercise that are both physical and mental.  From the physical perspective exercises allows the body to maintain a healthy weight, improve heart health and function, and keeps the muscular and skeletal system mobile and strong.  Mentally exercises can decrease anxiety and stress, help maintain good breathing patterns, improves mood and even increases self-esteem.

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