April is known for being a rainy month, though we’ve actually had more snow than rain lately! With the changing seasons, the weather has been keeping a lot of us cooped up inside. Spring is (hopefully) coming, but until the weather gets nice again, we need some activities to keep us busy indoors. Here are some fun indoor activities you can do with friends and family:

  1. Family Movie Day/Night–who doesn’t love cuddling up on the couch with a few snacks to watch a movie?
  2. Family Game Day–whether it’s board games, or a family friendly video game, it’s always fun to let loose and play together!
  3. Cook Together– why not let the kids help in your weekly meal prep? (Under supervision of course!). Cooking with your kids will make them feel helpful, and super proud that they helped you make something the whole family loves!
  4. Play Hide and Seek–get creative! Use the whole house, and try to find the best unusual hiding spots!
  5. Have a Dance Party–help release some energy, while getting exercise at the same time! Pick some fun, upbeat songs to get the party going!
  6. Read a Good Book–this can be done independently, or as a group! Pick an old favorite to read together, or maybe start a new series! Take turns reading to keep kids engaged and focused.
  7. Play Charades–get those wiggles and giggles out! This can easily be tailored to kids or adults, depending on which topics you are trying to guess!

What do you like to do on rainy days stuck inside? Share your favorites with us!

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