Jennifer Shupe
  This month we are focused on all things heart related.  To get us kicked off we put together a list of heart healthy foods that are also just plain good for your body.  Try incorporating these things into your diet on a regular basis to get the benefits. Salmon- known to be high in...
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  Calling all parents! Raising kids is a tough job, especially when your kids are not responding to your rules or respecting the boundaries you have set for them. Luckily, Croixview Family Chiropractic has teamed up with Samantha Moe, an expert parent coach, and will be hosting a class to help parents create positive discipline...
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  Every January 1st many people set New Year’s resolutions for themselves.  We decide this is the year that things will change.  We are fired up and excited at the prospect of new beginnings.  But the holidays end, kids go back to school, works gets busy and it seems that by the end of January...
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